Introducing OPOS from JL Development

Announcing the Launch of our flagship project OPOS - OBMS POINT OF SALE - OPOS A skinnable bespoke modular system controlling all aspects all of retail - POS , Ecommerce , Stock control, deliveries, ordering and many more areas under development.

OPOS competes with enterprise level systems but is free from dependencies and is 100% cross platform compatible.

The aim was to develop a scalable, world class solution, to all businesses regardless of size.

Cost effective, simple to use and including the most advanced set of tools dependant on user requirements.

OPOS is a modular bespoke system that displays the tools required per user instead of a one system fits all approach. To achieve this the OBMS team focuses on customer support and rapid problem solving adding new features to the system as dictated by our users.

Point of Sale

A system should be simple to use, yet powerful enough to deal with any situation

The word can't, or the phrase , it can't be done, are not in our vocabulary

The POS interface of OPOS provides Operator registered tills that can be opened at any location and deal with multiple customer’s simultaneously.

The operator has a full suite of POS tools to deal with any situation quickly and correctly – such as refunds, discounts, multi buys, payment types and tracking, client registration and loyalty schemes to name but a few.


Due to the way OPOS is developed it has a fully functioning Ecommerce environment linked to the OPOS stock control system, allowing for live stock level information and automated ordering.

Client registration system

Our one page checkout solution automatically handles discounts, coupons, packing and delivery pricing, etc... Payment system integration - PayPal included

Industry standard HTML mass mailing system linked to client registrations or existing customer lists Basic site ready to use with endless design, functionality and modification possibilities

Stock control

The stock control system of OPOS is the core of the system. Combined with the varied POS and ecommerce tools of OPOS it controls every legitimate way a product can enter or leave the business, reducing and controlling all leakage.

OPOS controls Stock from delivery to dispatch, with the aim of reducing unnecessary backroom stock whilst maximising possible profit through improved turnover and liquidity.

Automated delivery tools - From the moment of dispatch OPOS's DAMT controls deliveries. Using the original documents of the suppliers OPOS users know when a delivery of an item is due, who it's for and where it is needed. DAMT also includes a user friendly set of tools for reporting any issues regarding deliveries.

Multiple locations - With any shop environment knowing exactly where stock is held is vital. OPOS tells you exactly where any item from the time it's delivered until the time it's paid for. This even include orders that have left the business but have outstanding invoices to be paid.

Stock picking tools - OPOS tells users exactly what is required in the shop. Our advance mobile stock picking tool, was designed via user experience and provides the fastest yet most flexible way to replenish the shelves. Due to the way OPOS controls stock it excludes items not available for sale - such as damaged stock, orders, stock taken but yet to be paid for (tabs, invoices).

In store shelf controls - Dates, Shelf capacities, Shelf location, and deficiency are registered in OPOS's database via simple to use mobile tools.

Stock taking - Using the same simple tool developed for shelf controls with OPOS stock taking becomes an easy quick task, reducing the need to close the shop or pay excessive overtime.

Stock valuation - OPOS includes detailed stock valuation reporting tools, meaning that you can provide stock valuations which are detailed and provide a precise view of what stock is held on and off the premises and can be defined to answer any type of stock enquiry required.

About us

OBMS - Online Business Management Systems

We don't just develop websites; we develop online software. With decades of experience we have the skills and the mind-set that allows us to deliver server based cross platform software that performs tasks that traditionally required a desktop environment.

Our mission statement is:

"Secure, Always on, Cross platform systems that develop with and for the user"

John Lodge, OBMS's lead programmer and Co-Founder has been programming professionally for over 35 years. Previous employers and clients include Texas Instruments and Tesco amongst others. For Tesco John conceptualised and created the predictive ordering system that supplied the chain.

Chris Pettipiere, OBMS's lead product designer, tester and Co-founder has worked in research and development, website design and hardware for over 15 years with a focus on finding IT Solutions for businesses and private individuals. To help develop OPOS he joined Jim's British Market to thoroughly understand the problems of a retail environment and develop a solution to handle them - The result is the basis of OPOS.

Contact us with your requirements, and we will turn them into reality.


Apart from OPOS we are working on several other core projects
  • MCRM - A Mobile customer relations manager and ordering/booking system aimed at small mobile businesses that unites clients and businesses with products and services.A beta version is being used by Meatpoint - A Swiss based South Butcher
  • ECRM - A CRM for schools that allows a transparent dialog to occur between the School, Teachers, pupils and parents. Include POS and Payment systems when required - This project is in the planning stage
  • iSERVE - A portable micro server that allow OPOS to be run locally

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